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Mesothelioma & Veterans - Countless Veterans were exposed to asbestos during their military service. Visit the Mesothelioma Center today to learn more about mesothelioma statistics and all the different treatment options. Our Veterans Assistance Department can help you with your asbestos-related VA Claims or assist you with questions about potential benefits. To find out more about what is mesothelioma and how it relates to Veterans , please visit our site for the most up to date information for Veterans.  Additional information can be found at http://www.mesotheliomasymptoms.com

DISABLED TRAVLERS  Disability Information for Veterans

AMVETS Career Center

Veterans National Symposium The National Symposium for the Needs of Young Veterans was organized by AMVETS and others who are committed to the welfare of America's military veterans. The symposium was the first of its kind to address specific problems in the nation's veterans' benefits system from the perspective of veterans.

AMVETS National Quartermaster The AMVETS National Quartermaster office sells AMVETS and military related clothing, flags and accessories.

Nursing Home Abuse is terrible whenever it happens, but when our own military veterans are abused it just doesn't get much worse than that. In light of recent news stories about our veterans being abused in nursing homes we have added a new section to our website on the specific topic of how nursing home abuse has affected our veterans. We hope to draw increased attention to this problem and do our part toward ending abuse of our veterans in nursing homes, as well as offer our website's helpful information to those affected by this tragedy.

Call To Action letter  Send this letter to your state and U.S. representatives! Let them know you want more support for legislation helping veterans needs.

Resources for Veterans in the USA

Comprehensive consumer guide on housing and mortgages for veterans and active military.

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